A dashboard to manage everything

Resource Management Panel

From the management panel you will be able to configure everything you need to enhance your resources and manage the accessibility of each user.

Everything you need,
in one place

Organization Management Tools

Bookker facilitates the management of the organization’s resources, from the reservation of workstations, permissions and schedules of the different spaces to the monitoring of its users through work statuses and calendars.

Assign usage rules to each user to condition their reservations.

Creates groups and allows its members to view the resources belonging to them.

Grant roles and permissions to each user according to their needs.

Modify the schedule and availability of each resource to your liking.

Add equipment to the resources so that each user has what is needed.

Automate your company’s hybrid model according to your employees’ status or schedule (teleworking, vacations…).

Add, block or remove resources as the company grows.

Controls the occupancy and reservations of each building.

Integrate Bookker with your management tools

Thanks to our technology, Bookker connects and integrates with the organization’s day-to-day management tools. In this way we simplify and optimize processes to enjoy the best space management from the very first moment.

Increases the value of the solution through advanced analytics and Big Data

We have implemented two modules with different possibilities that take the solution to the next level. With Business Intelligence (BI) we achieve an architecture oriented to the capture and analysis of data generated in Bookker. The BIP integration module provides digital communication with the customer’s systems to create integration scenarios such as building access control or parking lots.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Consultation, measurement, processing and exploitation of data.

Decision-making (efficiency, processes, HR…)

Configurable control panel. Actual occupancy metrics and maps.

Predefined reports that can be parameterized and exported. Possibility to create new customized reports on demand.

Bookker Integration Platform (BIP)

REST API architecture with real-time information.

Orderly, secure and reliable exchange of information and events.

Simplification and flexibility in resource and asset management.

High security solutions.